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Far Reaches China, Report #1

Whatcom Horticultural Society supports Kelly Dodson and Sue Milliken (Far Reaches Farm) plant exploration and their current trip to China.  This is their first correspondence. Hi Folks!  We are in Hubei where we have spent the last two days at higher elevations in a bit of snow

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Far Reaches China, Report #2

We had every intention of getting a note out to you last night but fortunately it was a very good day in the field and prep and field notes went quite late into the evening just missing being morning.  We left the botanical candy store of Shennongjia

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Far Reaches China, Report #3

We have arrived in Taiwan today after finishing up in China.  We had essentially a tourist day in the incredible Huangshan Geopark in Anhui which is China’s Yosemite but perhaps even more so.  We were on the gondola heading up the mountain at 8am on a Tuesday

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