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#6 Larry Straka & Bob Bortner 1685 Grandview Place

The garden of Larry Straka and Bob Bortner was already 7 years old when they were last on the Tour of Private Gardens in 2005 and it continues to evolve and change every year as they edit and refine the gardens. Whereas their next door neighbor Jennifer’s front garden is open to the street, Larry and Bob’s is slightly enclosed with a large semi circle of trees, shrubs, and perennials all mixed together into a tapestry of color. Cotinus ‘Grace’, Embothrium coccineum, (Chilean Fire Bush) and Baptisia ‘Purple Smoke’ are all considered favorites. Among the easily recognizable hostas, astrantias, and euphorbia are a variety of unique plants that are unknown to many gardeners. Larry is well known for his vast knowledge of plants, as well as his remarkable ability and energy in successfully growing a variety of new hybrids, rare, tender, and otherwise challenging plants. A greenhouse in the back garden holds plants that have been dug up in the fall and potted until they can be replanted in the spring. As you walk through the garden you’ll realize it’s amazing how the combination of a secluded microclimate and the hard work of Larry and Bob can encourage the growth of so many beautiful plants.

DIRECTIONS Right across the street from Garden 5.