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#5 Jennifer Titus 1678 Grandview Place

When Jennifer Titus was on the Whatcom Horticultural Society’s Tour of Private Gardens in 2005 her garden was relatively new. She had recently downsized from gardening on 5 acres to a half acre which was enclosed on three sides. Revisiting Jennifer’s garden 12 years later, it has grown and evolved into 2 distinctly different areas. Approaching her garden from the front, Jennifer took out a row of old junipers and extended the garden to the street. Now it contains a blend of perennials, annuals, and bulbs which have reseeded and meandered over time to form a colorful mosaic. These are combined with assorted trees and shrubs chosen for their gold foliage including Tsuga canadensis ‘Sparkler’, Cedrus deodora ‘Aurea”, and Robinia pseudo acacia ‘Frisia’. The back garden is more formal with boxwood hedges providing year round structure for the more traditional roses, hardy geraniums and columbines enclosed within. New to Jennifer’s garden are a greenhouse and guest house, both built using reclaimed pieces and decorated in Jennifer’s own unique style. It is very exciting to see how this garden, a true plant lover’s garden, has evolved over time and Jennifer can tell you where almost every plant is from, including those from past trips to England. As she said herself, speaking as a true gardener, “I’ll go anywhere for plants!”

DIRECTIONS (from Garden 4) You may leave your car and walk from #4 Windy Meadows or return to Dahlberg Rd (left) and follow it back to Grandview Pl and turn left.