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#4 Scott Titus & Lina Xu 7020 Dahlberg Rd

What do you grow in your garden if you’re a nurseryman with over 900 varieties of plants growing in your greenhouses? Lilies and delphiniums that you developed yourself, lots and lots of colorful perennials and annuals, and unique varieties of vegetables. A special treat awaits you at the garden of Scott and Lina: Masses of flowers all in bloom -some in the garden beds some in the greenhouses. Their place is home to Windy Meadow, a boutique nursery that specializes in plants all grown in a sustainable potting Coco-Coir soil created by Scott. They have opened the nursery, usually closed to the public, for our tour. In the front of the house colorful annuals surround many of the beds. By the parking area, a lively bed of cannas, kniphofia, marigolds and verbena face the house. Behind the house the borders burst into bloom by the season. In July, look for roses, goji berry, delphiniums and lilies. Look for the elegant Broad Windsor fava bean with edible baby pods and leaves in the vegetable garden. You are also welcome to stroll through the greenhouses and make purchases. Scott knows there will be succulent planters and hanging baskets of vibrant encantobegon begonias, the rest will be a surprise. Enjoy this feast of beautiful colors and the exceptional selection of plants.

DIRECTIONS (from Garden 3) Return to St Clair. Left at Alabama, right at James St, right at Sunset, to take I-5 north. Take Exit 266, to turn right onto Grandview. Left at Dahlberg Rd. Park in the field. You may walk to Gardens 5 & 6.