Expanding community interest in gardening through educational activities.

#2 Lynn Torno & Dennis Murphy 2202 40th St

When Lynn and Dennis moved in 16 years ago, they had a blank slate – grass in back and beauty bark in front. They brought in tons of native rock and over three hundred varieties of exotic and native plants to create an exuberant streetside “Good Neighbor” garden and a lush, serene backyard complete with pond and stream. Plants were chosen for their form, texture, and vigor – no wimps in this garden! First on the 2008 tour, now visitors will wander through a series of garden “pictures,” many anchored by Lynn’s art. She has become an accomplished mosaic artist and her work is a unique part of the gardenscape. A “Quilt” bench sits near the brightly painted arbor in the street-side garden, echoing the colors of the yellow roses and periwinkle iris, phlox and catmint planted nearby. At the entrance to the backyard, the Clematis Gate leads to a colorful mosaic head planted among hostas and ferns. Giant red, orange and yellow glass poppies (with very cool leaves) are planted with daylilies and crocosmia in the same colors. Lynn’s stunning mosaic obelisk echos the colors of a coral bark maple and lime green Creeping Jenny. In the front side yard, surrounded by laurel and hostas, don’t miss her most engaging work, “Peace Offering.”

DIRECTIONS (from Garden 1) Return to Old Fairhaven Parkway, turn right and stay on as it goes under the freeway, becoming Connelly. Right on 36th, left on South Ave, right on 37th, left on Harrison St, left on 38th, right on Cody. Turn right at Samish Way, left at 40th St.